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        Gate Latch Cable                                                      Caulking Caps

Tool Time is a licensed General Contractor.  During the course of our home repair and remodeling services, we encounter products that fall short of solving the problem they were intended for.  We develop better solutions and then make them available to other contractors and home owners. 

We currently have two products available:  Our gate latch cable and our caulking caps.

The gate latch cable replaces an ordinary string commonly used on wooden gates to open the latch from the opposite side.  It incorporates a stainless steel cable with a pull loop on one end and a hardened steel clevis clip on the other.  The specially designed tappered return spring collapes on itself allowing the latch to fully open.  A spring cup is used to center the base of the spring over the hole in the gate post.  No more reaching over the gate to open the latch because the string is broken.

Our caulking caps are used in place of a nail or screw pushed into the end of the caulking nozzle.  They are made of thick molded vinyl  that conforms and grips the nozzle, sealing out the air.  They prevent the caulking in the nozzle from drying out, making the caulking available when you need it.  No more digging out dried caulking or cutting the nozzle shorter to get the caulking to flow.

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